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We are a collaborate of seasoned, management, construction and technical professionals with an insatiable thirst for problem solving. We establish policies; procedures for a safe and secure workplace using theory, code, accepted standards, design and plain old horse sense. We are committed to a full disclosure work ethic. “It’s what we do”..


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A team of enthusiastic disciplined experienced safety, engineering, construction, and technical, personnel with a boots on the ground philosophy. We have decades of experience with large corporate risk management protection. We offer that same protection to the client who has less resources than fortune 100 or 500 companies. Let us assess, and define your Achilles’ heel and deliver a solution. “If there is an unexpected out of control situation, there is always an in control manageable solution.”

“It’s what we do”

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“Adapting and adjusting when necessary. To anticipate as many unforeseen circumstances as possible. Thereby facilitating resolutions before they become change orders. Client satisfaction is of the utmost importance”

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“Michael Is very detailed orientated. We worked on site survey’s of Nextel and ATT facilities. Michael was a great asset.”
Don Geierman


“Michael is a well rounded and very competent person. He is full of energy and displays wisdom in all his endeavors. I consider Michael to be a good friend and I know he and his company will make every effort to complete a job on time and on budget.”
Dick Toth

Thermographer, Hardford Steam Boiler

If you have a Vision We will help you to turn it into reality

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Service 1

Power Coordination

Service 2

Predictive preventive electrical maintenance programs

Service 3

Utility power coordination

Service 4

Site data gathering

Service 5

Arc-Flash Safety Analysis & Facilitation

Service 6

Electrical Safety programs

Service 7

Electrical policies and procedures

Service 8

Special electrical inspections

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“LIVE as if you were going to die tomorrow. LEARN as if you were going to live forever” –Gandhi

Michael Yochelson
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With over 50 years of experience in the electrical industry Michael Yochelson began his career as a hands on, second generation electrician. He became a licensed electrical contractor with numerous commercial and industrial installations throughout the United States, all with a perfect safety record. During his career he began performing site audits for electrical engineers and with this back ground Michael also performed safety audits. Due to the increased presence of OSHA inspections and visibility, The extraordinary team you will be introduced to came together to help business and property owners better understand the requirements of electrical safety. Specifically OSHA 29 CFR Part 1910.33 states that employers must employ “safety-related work practices to prevent electrical shock or other injuries resulting from either direct or indirect electrical contact”. His experience allows him to gather the raw site data and provide the necessary information to implement the NFPA 70E (how) requirements which helps employers meet the OSHA (shall) requirements and provide electrical safety in the workplace for all employees.



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about problem solving”

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