October 4, 2019

To:  To whom it may concern

From:  Brent Vincent, Retired Project Director, Motorola Solutions, Inc.

Subject:  Michael Yochelson


If you need a person who really lives and breathes being “Tenacious and Persistent”, that is Michael Yochelson.  Once given a task, he owns the task to completion.

Michaels first responsibility for the Maricopa County implementation team was utility power to all the sites.  Before Michael joined the team, utility power was delaying site completion and acceptance.  Michael took ownership of the task, created solid relationships within the utility companies and pulled the schedule in for each site he had responsibility.  We never had a site delayed after Michael took responsibility for this major task.

Michael never refused a job or task.  A true team player who takes his responsibilities seriously.  Even though securing utility power was his primary responsibility, when asked he took on each task or assignment he was assigned was completed.

If you are looking for an individual that will deliver, then Michael is your person.  If you are looking for a person that does not accept No as an answer, then Michael is your person, if you are needing a person that will not stop until the job is done, then Michael is your person.

 Should you have any questions regarding Michael and his contribution to a project team, please feel free to give me a call.


Brent C Vincent

Retired Motorola Solutions, Inc. Project Director

Phone:  409 – 277 – 9290


March 5, 2019

To Whom it May Concern,

I’d would like to introduce Michael Yochelson as a valued professional team member who in his role as Power Distribution and Design Coordinator exceeded all our expectations.

Michael has the advantage of 50 plus years in the power distribution and electrical infrastructure design and build field. Michael started out as an apprentice electrician and worked his way thru journeyman on to master electrician, along the way he became extremely well versed in applying applicable codes that applied to builds in multiple cities and states as well as some foreign countries.

Michael will also own designated project or task from “cradle to grave” and will keep his team members updated and in on all decisions that were and will need to be made to bring yours/his project to a satisfactory completion to all involved in most cases exceeding your expectations.



Vic Quinones

Motorola Construction Management

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