Michael’s father, Albert started a residential and commercial electrical company in 1942. Albert named the company ALBE to represent his name (Albert) and his wife’s name (Beatrice).  ALBE grew to include 16 employees in the south side of Chicago.

Albert was known as a great service electrician. He could bend conduit work like a work of art.  In the 1940s, Albert worked on the construction of the famous Florsheim building in Chicago.

Albert passed away in 1966 and Michael took over the company in 1967.  Michael specialized in estimating and supervising electricians.

Michael continues to mange ALBE in the dignified manner that was inspired by his father Albert.

Years Experience Journeyman Electrician


Electrical and General Contractor (Licensed in the state of Arizona)

Journeyman Electrician with 50+ years of experience. Estimating, design, layout, and installation.

Special Skills: Electrical design 120 volts thru 480 volts, electrical field inspections, registered special electrical inspector (Phoenix, AZ), power coordination, a working knowledge of the National Electrical Code (NEC) and Motorola R56 (R56) Service Entrance (SE) (grounding standards)

Power Coordination (PC): Coordinate information with the electrical local utility, Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ), Electrical Engineer (EE) and Architect to review the scope of work determine the most efficient, cost effective electrical design of the SE for each site.

Electrical Construction Manager
Core responsibility:  Responsible for Maricopa County Motorola P25 Project Electrical Design and Installation for Public Safety. Emergency Services for Maricopa County Sheriffs Offices. To include all electrical site requirements; field assessments for Electrical Engineers, utility interface preparation for documentation and electrical construction of 65 sites. Including the coordination of electrical utility installation, documentation, site-specific material, and management. Consisting of subcontractor oversite, delivery of materials and installation to individual locations in support of both new and existing RF sites. Have experience with the R56 requirements used by Motorola Solutions. Responsible for all AC electrical 120 volts and above ”Cradle to Crypt.”

Arizona B-1 General contractor ROC30958
Arizona Electrical Contractor ROC309859

Contact: 602.377.9804