MY5 and Associates are a professional electrical consulting and services company with a wealth of design and practical experience that would be accountable for the Electrical Device Management Strategy, Monthly and Yearly Service Reviews, Electrical Services and Maintenance Management as well as Electrical Safety Protocols/ Predictive Preventive Maintenance  (P/P/M) Management. MY5 would also be available to assist with New Construction or remodeling of existing infrastructure, that would include requested bids and selection of contractor/s.

  • As part of our process, we discuss your objectives and develop agreed targets for ongoing review. The value of our electrical device management strategy enables us to commit to high-level operational availability, code compliance and establishing intent to create a safe working environment in line with OSHA and NFPA 70E guidelines



  • Our system has evolved over years of input by professional electrical maintenance professionals with over 150 years of experience, Chief facility Engineers, and Licensed Electrical Contractors specializing in electrical service and maintenance. We created this program with maintenance professionals to establish a safe predictive preventive maintenance timeline driven system
  • We’ll identify and tag all electrical devices (define: “electrical device” for purposes of our system that includes the electrical service entrance, disconnects, and all related ancillary electrical devices 30 amps and above). We provide a specific number and scan code to establish a unique device identification for baseline assessment of any electrical anomalies by performing devices.
  • Describes an overall approach to electrical device service and maintenance, which fall into the following categories:

(Note: Not every client has the same approach to electrical device risk management. Our goal is to understand your approach and devise a strategy to support your electrical devices when managed appropriately).

  • Predictive Preventive Maintenance is the safest and most efficient approach to ensures that an appropriate service level is maintained. The continued commitment to proactive, predictive maintenance based on several visual and vital industry standards and factors to achieve optimum results for your electrical devices. An additional advantage to P/P/M is the ability to create a maintenance budget to include necessary changes. As we know, all devices fail, the key to avoiding unnecessary safety issues and surprise replacement costs. Being able to predict failure as much as possible, makes proper Safety and Financial sense

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